Sending multiple measurements in a single go with

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on a Proof of Concept (POC) using the MQTT protocol to publish data to Cumulocity IoT. I would like guidance on sending multiple measurements in a single go. Can anyone provide assistance with this.

payload = {"my_customMeasurement": {"T": {"unit": "C","value": 2.0791169082}}}
self.c8y_client.publish(topic="te/device/main///m/my_customMeasurement", payload=json.dumps(payload)) 

I think you mix up things.

If you are sending messages to a thin-edge mapper topic it must be in the thin-edge format: Thin Edge JSON | Thin-edge

If you want to send messages directly to C8Y you have to use this topic c8y/measurement/measurements/create within thin-edge: Thin Edge JSON | Thin-edge

The example you’ve posted does not work at all as the payload does not match to the topic you are using.

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