Sending Email from Natural on Windows

The attachment is a subprogram that can be used to send email from Natural. It uses the CDO.Message object which can be configured with the SMTP server, port, etc. which means that other software does not need to be configured prior to sending the email (Outlook, etc.).

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See below for updated version.

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when i tried to download this file, its getting downloaded woth .php extension which is not in readable format.

what is the .php extension?

do we need to install any special software to read this file?

could you please let me know?


It appears to be a “feature” of the forum download, I tried it and it defaulted to the filename download.php. I just changed the name to and it seemed to work OK.



Thanks much!
your solution worked.
I renamed the file.Now I’m able to view the file.
It was long time since i logged in this forum.
Thanks for your help.

:slight_smile: Thanks,

how can activate the Acknowledge receipt, sending the email…


Here is an updated version that adds server authentication and return receipt options. (5.3 KB)