Sending byte[] from Java (HTTP-POST) to IS flow service.


I have a scenario in my current project where i have my java application and on integration server a flow service (pub.file:bytesToFile). I have to send a file (zip) and store it on the integration server. I’m using HttpURLConnection from my java application for this as follows:

connection = dp.query.getHttpConnection("pub.file:bytesToFile", null);
try (DataOutputStream dos = new DataOutputStream(connection.getOutputStream())) {
    final String params = String.format("fileName=%s&bytes=%s", "", URLEncoder.encode(new String(file), "UTF-8"));

file is the bytes of the file to be uploaded. So it’s more like a byte[] file;

I have the content type url-encoded. The response however i get from the IS says that the bytes parameter is not a byte[].
Relevant part:

<TD valign="top"><B>$error</B></TD>
<TD>[ISS.0086.9250] Parameter [bytes] is not of type: [byte[]]</TD>
<TD valign="top"><B>$errorType</B></TD>

I can’t use any other service which means I have to utilize this current scenario on some way, but if there’s other
built-in service that can upload files to given place that might be an alternative option.

Is there any way to post byte[] from java to this bytesToFile service?

The purpose of this project:
We don’t have file system access to our ISes as developers. In order to deploy packages we have to copy the package zip files to replicate/inbound folder. Since we don’t have file system access we need a way to copy the zip file to the replicate/inbound folder without self made flow services since that wouldn’t solve anything. For that we need to copy that package to the other IS-es. The project’s short term scope is to use built-in package to upload this (validated) zip file to the IS.


One hint for the future: Start with the problem you are trying to solve, not with the solution you tried so far, because:

If this is just about deploying packages to a remote server, you are doing way to much overhead. Integration Server can deploy packages to each other.

  • Alternative 1: make the server you want to deploy to a subscriber to the one where the package is coming from. This is done in the IS admin console, under packages: publishing and subscribing.
  • Alternative 2 (preferred one): Use Deployer. Deployer can retrieve and publish packages (and all other wm assets) from and to remote servers.

For file transfer beside that: IS can open FTP and (in the recent versions) SFTP ports. Those can deliver to a service directly or write to the local file system and publish a notification message about the arrivel.