Sending back an xml string to the invoking application

Hi All,

I have an application that’s invoking a flow service that I’ve setup on IS. Pretty straightforward. However, the application would like some data return in a synchronous manner. I’ve done this in the past but have forgotten how to do it. Is it as simply setting an output string in the flow service being invoked?

You can use an output template. Or call setResponse. Be sure to set the content-type header. If you simply set an output parameter they well get an HTML table back, which may or may not be what they want.

Thanks reamon. I don’t think they want the html table return. They want an xml return instead. Do you prefer setting output template vs. call the setResponse?

Both should do the trick…but setResponse is the better option but you still have to set template fashion variables style %value xmlResponse% if you want the service response synchronous at the end:

Not sure how this would work. The invoking application will execute an IS flow service. The IS flow service basically a wrapper to TN. When it gets to TN, it’ll invoke another flow service for processing into the target system. The target system generates a confirmation number which I would like to capture and return it back to the invoking application. Is this still possible?

Is the processing rule set to synchronous or asynchronous?

The processing rule is set to synchronous.

Did you tested the change with setResponse or template method in the processing service output?

I usually use setResponse. I think I’ve used a template like once in the many years I’ve been working with IS.

“but you still have to set template fashion variables style %value xmlResponse% if you want the service response synchronous”

Can you elaborate? When using setResponse I’ve never needed to touch the output template stuff.

Yes if the rule is synchronous. At design time you won’t see the returned vars. But you can do BRANCH to confirm that the var is there and populated.

Not with the setResponse no need to touch and the service’s output template I mean (which the actual request comes in) xmlResponse output - %value xmlResponse% I mean: