selectSQL Adapter table alias


I’m currently migrating from WM6.1 to WM7.1 and i’m encountering a number of issues with the JDBC adapter.

The main one being table aliases with selectSQL not working (sql server 2000 and 2005). All of the select services are failing in 7.1 when selecting across tables, with the sql being generated missing the table alias,

example of the sql being generated
select a,b,c from tablea,tableb
where t1.a = t1.b

In 6.1 the sql generated is
select t1.a,t2.b,t2.c from tablea t1,tableb t2
where t1.a = t1.b

Is this is a known issue with 7.1 ? I would like to avoid moving all my 6.1 services to use custom sql.

The other issue is that the polling notification creation of triggers/table seems to be broken as well. I have moved all my polling of tables to use basic notification to work around this issue.

Thanks in advance