SELECT (SQL) into-clause

The statements manual for 8.2.7 does not document the INDICATOR keyword of the into-clause. Sometimes you need this for its parameters.

It looks like this: INTO :#SR-LENGTH INDICATOR :#N@VALUE

The Statements manual for SELECT (SQL) shows

Under the Chapter Using Natural SQL Statements, Basic Syntactical Items shows the optional INDICATOR usage.

Syntax of item parameter:

[[:sql-type]:] host-variable [INDICATOR [:] host-variable] [LINDICATOR [:] host-variable]

In the case of INTO VIEW view-name, the null and length indicator fields are added to the VIEW definition:

Natural View Concept

Some Natural SQL statements also support the use of Natural views.

A Natural view can be specified instead of a parameter list, where each field of the view - except group fields, redefining fields and fields prefixed with L@ or N@- corresponds to one parameter (host variable).

Fields with names prefixed with L@ or N@ can only exist with corresponding master fields; that is, fields of the same name, where:

L@ fields are converted into LINDICATOR fields,

N@ fields are converted into INDICATOR fields.

L@ fields should have been specified at view definition, immediately before the master fields to which they apply.

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