Security Realms against MWS Portlets

Hi to all,

I want to establish security to level of button in the standard portlets of MWS.

For example, an user enters to the portlet “Business Processes” because he is an administrator but since he doesn’t have a certain role, the button “Delete” appears <disabled>. Hereby he can consult processes but updates are not allowed him.

Has someone done it? Can someone help me?

Guillermo Lopez

Nobody? :smiley: :frowning: :smiley: :frowning:

I’m not clear on exactly what you are asking about.

Are you saying you want to control this behavior in a portlet you are developing? Or you want to change the behavior of a portlet provided by someone else?


I want to change behavior in “Process Instance Portlet” (standard portlet on MWS), for example.


Ok. Changing the behavior of that portlet would involve modifying the source code. I can’t make suggestions for doing that in this forum.

I would suggest that you report your enhancement request @