Scheduling Service by date


Is it possible to set a scheduled task in IS4.6 to run on the last day of a month?

  1. Schedule service to run on 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st of all months.
  2. In service, branch on: (if today’s date + 1 day = 1st.) If false, exit the flow.

Should work. You might need to write some java to increment date (add 1 day).


Is their any generic code/service to add days/hours to a date.

Look at the PSUtilities package on Advantage. It has a servcie called IncrementDate

you can also use java.util.Calender method add(int field, int amount).

This is quite generic to add days,hours, months etc.

Let us know if you need further help with add.



I managed to get hold of the “IncrementDate” service. This has solved my problem.

Thanks to everyone their help.

Does IS6.1 have a better scheduler where I can at least specify timezone?

how to pick the data from FTP site using a scheduled service

You can first write the flow service for FTP.You can find the services in WmPublic package(pub.client.ftp service or pub.client.ftp package depending on your need).Then you can go to Administrator GUI Server—>Scheduler and schedule that particular FTP service to run whenever you want it to.


Puneet Verma

hi verma

now igot that and thanks for ur help.

when i try to open my IS it is asking username and password for more than 3 times though i give valid username and password.what could be the problem and how can we resolve this.

This is usually because the username does not belong to the appropriate group. If you’re trying to run Administrator, the username needs to be in the Administrators group.

Hi Rob

my username is there in administrators group.its asking for atleast 3 times after that it will get connected