Schedulers sharing same OID


We have webMethods 6.1 servers in a cluster. We see two schedulers sharing the same OID. one is a duplicate(duplicates as in, same service, schedule time), only difference is one is Active whereas other is in disabled state.

Is it normal to have two schedulers with same OID. If yes what will be the effects with one being active and other suspended in a cluster environment with the scheduler enabled for cluster.

Jafar Khan

Hi Jafar,

please check your WmRepository2 settings in the IS.

They should point to a database based repository which is shared between the nodes. There needs to be an additional repository server over which the IS are accessing the repository database.

If so the schedulers are snyced via the repository as well.


Hi Holger,

That is exactly how our configuration is, and that was the main concern as the schedulers information would be available in repository. With same OID which scheduler would be considered.

however, we have deleted the duplicate scheduler,