Scheduler: Resources unavailable

I’m getting following error in IS server.log:
[ISS.0137.0010E] Scheduler: Resources unavailable: Rolling back due to scheduler thread throttle reached:400

Here are some facts:

  • we’re running IS 7.1.2 incl. all latest fixes
  • task scheduler has around 40 services scheduled
  • resources/maximum threads = 500
  • scheduler thread throttle = 80% (400 threads)
  • IS stats still shows around 330 system threads
  • IS still working fine but tasks in scheduler are getting less threads and stop working after a while.

Any idea, what’s going on and how to monitor the current amount of scheduler threads?

Thanks in advance.

Have you resolved the problem?
if not tell me your jdbc pool config?


Yes, I found a workaround…
I changed the JDBC pool ISInternal from Oracle DB to Embedded Database Pool. It’s looking pretty good as the number of scheduler threads is not increasing anymore.

another way to resolve could be to increase max connection for jdbc pool or increase Maximum Threads to some higher value like 800.