Scheduler not working

Hi All,

We are facing a problem in one of the ISs.The scheduler is showing Running 0.0 and is not working.

Could you please let me know why this is happening and the solution for it ASAP.Its Critical.


Is this all your custom schedulers or just TN batch jobs?

Also you can check in the service usage page if that particular job still running or hung (1) state and determine to check logs also whats going on that moment?

If the issue still persists then raise the Resources–>maximum threads also:


I’ve seen this recently as well. We’ve not determined the root cause but a couple of items seem to be germaine:

  • One of the services launched by the scheduler was hung waiting on a DB response.
  • Out of memory errors were logged.

It seemed like the task scheduler itself was hung. This hasn’t happened often so we haven’t spent the time capturing thread dumps and such. A restart of IS was the action we took. If it starts happening more frequently to us we’ll start the more intensive troubleshooting.

Yes true…If it’s hung waiting on the db response…please try increase the db max connections and this would ease hung as we had also dealt with this issue and resolved for TN JDBC pool got assured a note from SAG support and no need of restart:


In our case, the hung service was not due to lack of connections in the pool.

You never know some mysterious wM issues…please try to increase max connections if it helps…I understand not related to that just in case:

So were you able to determine/troubleshoot with out restart?

I’m not looking for help on our incident. I was simply sharing with the original poster what we did when we encountered the problem. We simply restarted and did not investigate further.

On a side note: I’m not a big fan of “try X to see if it helps.” More often than not, such an approach makes things worse. In this specific case, I am 100% certain that the DB connection pool size was not a factor.

I know you have not asked help and thanks for sharing: What I meant “try” (not forced to) as an option in case need arise…no big deal if you not to: As for us it worked out resolved the TN queue hung batch issue we had final response from SAG help.

Restarting server is always a last out option.

As always you are the one best support in this forum:) …Good day!


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