Schedule Tasks are lost on Integration Server 9.7 with Terracotta clustering


We are experiencing issue with scheduler tasks on Integration Server 9.7. Schedule jobs were lost after restarting Integration Server 9.7 instance

We have Terracotta server array 4.3 configured for Integration Server clustering and the JDBC pool database connection is common to both IS 9.7 instances. This database is not used with other IS 9.7 instances running on the Linux VMs.

We have applied the latest core fix6 on IS 9.7.

Please provide if you have any suggestions or inputs on this issue.

Appreciate your help on this…


Any errors reported during this issue?

Check IS_USER_TASKS any entries in this?

What was the timeToLiveSeconds setting before you encountered this issue?

There are no errors in IS logs and IS_User_Tasks table shows the entries after the schedule jobs are created on IS but the entries are lost even in the table after the IS is restarted.

TimeToLive is set to 600


Its not good… Contact SAG support they will suggest you a fix or provide clarification.

Vishnu – Check, do you have jobs.cnf, sometime ago I have seen this sort of issue in forums. Please use the search to find similar issue earlier.


Hi Vishnu,

You Should have Terracotta server array 4.1.x(patch 2 must be applied) configure for Integration Server clustering for IS 9.7. Terracotta server array 4.3 is supported by IS 9.8. So it has any unexpected behavior and may not have related to your issue.