Saving JDBC Adapter Resource throws this error...HELP!!!!

Greetings wMKings/Queens & Pros
anyone ever come across this problem ?
I wanted to EDIT the JDBC Adapter Connection’s configuration…and change the password…
Below is the error that is thrown whenever i try to save the configuration changes…

Error encountered
[ART.118.5012] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to update connection wipDBConnection:wipDBConnection.
[ART.118.5005] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to configure connection properties. Error occured while processing connection properties.
[ART.118.5000] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to retrieve and process connection properties from pipeline.

All help will be , as always ,monumentally appreciated.
Scoobydoo !

Do you have in the classpath ? Copy that into code/jars/static directory under WmJDBCAdapter package and restart IS.


Greetings Leon,
its got nothing to do with classes12.jar
we are using DB2…we dont need classes12.jar as its just an oracle requirement!
thanks a lot…
someone help !

I think you should mention details on what environment you are on and what have you done that has caused the error to help others understand. Good luck !


Yes leon you are right…my apoligies
we got
webmethods 6.1 on solaris
DB2 database
Adapter Version:6.0.3
all i wanna do is change the password thats it !
As per your question what did i do?..the answer is “Nada”…Nothing…
infact thats the exact question im askin from everyone…what’s causing this error…
All your help/suggestions/advice is appreciated

check the basics! how is the connection setup? which package/interface? check for its existance? can you enable the adapter at all?

If nothing works, trying recreating the another adapter connection and see if you are able to do so.

keep us posted.

  • Saurabh

I did what you asked me to do…everything seemed ok…
I bounced it and it worked !
but now when i change the password and try to enable the adapter
it slaps me with this:

Error encountered
[ART.118.5042] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to enable connection resource wipDBConnection:wipDBConnection.
[ART.118.5036] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to configure connection manager.
[ADA.1.204] Cannot connect to the database with DataSource class “”.
SQL30082N Attempt to establish connection failed with security reason “24” (“USERNAME AND/OR PASSWORD INVALID”). SQLSTATE=0800

U guys rock !
I really really appreciate all your help !

if not, confirm the userid and password validity (seperate from webMethods JDBC adapter screen)

  • Saurabh

I think saurabhm is correct.And it might be the problem with the userid,password of DB2 database.just make sure that they are valid.

thanks for the responses.
Please correct me if i am wrong
I was thinking the UserID/Password we use when configuring the JDBC Adapter Resource Connection is for securing the JDBC Connection Resource itself. What do the UID/Pass have to do with the DB2?
Are you saying the password is saved in Database?

Thanks a lot for all the help

im sorry i understand now…that password is the DBs password…
thats what the JDBC Adapter uses to connect to the DB and tell it that the JDBC Adapter is a friend.


I’ve the same problem with an IS 6,5 a database Oracle 10R2 and an OS AIX 5.3.
Have you found a solution?

Hi tres…
Its been a long time…but as far as i remember…the database password was wrong.
Check and make sure all your credentials are correct and working
I hope it works for you !
Scooby !