Save time building your Cumulocity IoT solution with our accelerators

Accelerators are developed by our teams to help speed up development time for solutions built on the Cumulocity platform. Built on best practices, re-usable assets aid in the implementation of projects – rapid time to value and ease in building your solution. We are taking care of the guess work, so you can get right to business!

What to expect with the latest Cumulocity accelerators:

  • The Cumulocity Python API accelerator makes it easier to develop programs, scripts, device agents or microservices in Python.
  • The Cumulocity Microservice Templates shows how common features can be implemented in a Microservice by using Cumulocity’s Microservice SDK for Java.
  • The Cumulocity Migration Tool is a webapp to migrate applications, dashboards, groups, devices, simulators, smart rules, images and managed objects between tenants.
  • And finally, the Application Builder for Cumulocity provides a simple, coding-free way to create new applications inside Cumulocity.

Find the most recent Cumulocity accelerators here.

And on the Tech Community you can find a variety of resources, including articles, tutorials, news, forum discussions and much more:

Yes, one of my colleagues recently used the accelerator to create many chart types including line, spline, bar and he mentioned that it was very useful and saved a lot of time in developing IoT solutions. Keep up the good work.

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