SAPAdaptor JavaCore

Hello Ralf, This is a very general problem. However, I have encounter similar thing before.

Basically, RFC service does not allow any “$null” character. If you happen to run the mapped SAP service in Developer without any input while your mapped SAP service is expecting something, then your IS will be shut-down with a core dump. My advice is to enable the “Validate Input” to make sure the input variable is not null.

Hello Terry,
I dont think that this is the problem, because in this service all required fields are NOT NULL. You can cause the problem, when you call a Function in SAP that causes a short dump.


JayCo is now in version 2.0.10 (2003-12-02).
You could try to use the latest version and see if it change something.

Otherwise, you can look at theses different points to determine the origin of your problem :

  • A Java error code such as JVMDG303 might appear on the IS’s standard output
  • it’s possible to identify the signal that generated the Javadump and the current thread from the Javadump

at the moment I have a different problem, If I start the IS there is starting automaticly the service that causes the javacore.
Is it possible to delete the DocumentStore ???
Because at the moment I cannot start the IS again.


Hi again,
I installed now the new JCo-Version 2.1.4 from SAP
But I get the same result.

The IS receives signal 11: this was written on the standard output:

Unrecoverable Stack Overflow: addr=400f452c, ee=9531064, er=451905a0
JVMDG217: Dump Handler is Processing a Signal - Please Wait.
JVMDG303: JVM Requesting Java core file
JVMDG304: Java core file written to /apps/entw/IS/6_1/IntegrationServer/javacore.20050110.110724.16583.txt
JVMDG215: Dump Handler has Processed Exception Signal 11.

Can anybody help here ?

You’ve got to refer to the diagnose guide of your JVM to know what’s happening.
You have to identify wich component cause the Stack Overflow problem with the Javacore file.
With these 2 elements you might be able to localize the problem.

If it isn’t enough you can enable HeapDump. You will obtain a picture of all the objects contained in the Heap when the crash happens.


Look at OSS note 695477

best regards,

Sebastián Miranda
Barcelona (Spain)