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Hi all,

I would like to know whether is posible to execute a SAP transaction (no BAPIs) and manage all the information receive by this transaction. If the answer is yes, could you, please, tell me how to do it?

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What would you like to do ?
You can use RFC or IDOC to communicate with SAP.


I would like to get the result information, for example, when i execute the “wedi” transaction.

“wedi” transaction is an INTERACTIVE transaction. Is not a batch transaction. If you want open an GUI, you can do that with the sap bc connector where you specified a session interactive.

Could you please mention how would you create such interactive session in BC?
In BC in SAP Server configuration I know theres’ one option Debug… I tried that to no avail… pls throw some light…


Hi Sreedhar,

I suppose you must specified a parameter when you open a connexion but me I never do that.



Could you please let me know how you approached to get that interactive session in BC ?

Hi Sreedhar ( & Mario),

I don’t think it is a practical concept to be thinking of having the BC and SAP do a true interactive transaction. (Such as one would do via the GUI.)

If you were posting an order via BAPI, you might use simulate function to test your data’v validity prior to attempting to post it. That level of interaction is relatively simple.

Why do you feel that you need to go interactive? What SAP system version is the target?

Hi Foster,

Thanks for the reply. I once had a problem in outbound & inbound maps with SAP Function modules and thought of debugging via BC by opening an interactive session.

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how to configure SAP Adapter?

hai all,

  while i was trying to configure SAP Adapter, i unable to connect to SAP Server.Login Property in SAP configuration is not set(blank). 

due to which unable to login.Any one could please send me configuration properties example and reason of the above problem.