SAP SRM - CCM (Catalog Content Manager) Integration


We are deploying the CCM (Catalog Content Manager) components of SAP on ECC6, to support the consumption of external companies’ procurement catalogs, made visible in our SAP procurement system.

The flow of data is deemed to be:

[Content Provider] >> us >> transformed and loaded into SAP

One option presented by our SAP consultants is that we have to deploy XI to enable the integration/loading into SAP. As a mature webMethods site, and having recently deployed the 6.5 webMethods SAP adaptor, I am relucatant to authorise the deployment of ‘another’ integration technology.

The business requirements seem fairly clear to me - consume an XML-based catalog from a publisher, in this case one or more external parties, transform and load this as a series of iDOCS into SAP.

Can anyone out there advise if they have deployed similar functionality using webMethods into SAP SRM/CCM (or ECC for that matter)?