SAP: problem when dynamically changing the connection of an

Hi all,

I’m working with wM7 and the following SAP adapter is installed: webMethods SAP Adapter 6.5 SP1.
I have created an adapter service for RFC Z_INT_MYRFC on connection MYCON1. But I also have a second connection MYCON2 that has to invoke this adapter service. So I want to dynamically change the connection at runtime.

The 6-5-SP1_SAP_Adapter_User_Guide says on page 62 that a field ‘serverName’ has to be passed the adapter service. In the input fields of the created adapter service there is no field ‘serverName’. I suppose the field ‘serverName’ must exist in the pipeline. In ‘serverName’ I specified the connection_alias (f.e.: MYCON2).
So I created a test service that does the following:

  1. a map step setting a field ‘serverName’ to “MYCON2”
  2. the adapter service calling RFC Z_INT_MYRFC

When executing this test service the RFC is always called using connection MYCON1. So never on connection MYCON2.
Am I doing something wrong? Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance!