SAP integration with webmethods


I would like to implement interfaces which integrate SAP and another system. I don’t know how to do this process.
Can any one please guide me how to proceed and is there any documentation for this?


Hi Ketty,
There is documentation available on the webMethods advantage website YOu can download this SAP guide “webMethods SAP R/3 Adapter User’s Guide 4.6” .
This may give you good insite into the integration of SAP with other systems using webMethods platform.


what is the difference between sap adapter and sap bc(business connector) I havenot worked on SAP integration ,but just curious to know about these as i see lot of discussions about these

A search for “sap bc adapter” turns up many hits. The first one:
should answer your questions.

Essentially Business Connector is SAP’s repackaging of the webMethods B2B Integrator product. SAP would give you the software (should you want it) after purchasing their R/3 product. The Business Connector came standard with the SAP R/3 Adapter.