SAP idoc come to IS server delay

Windows server 2003
webmethods IS 6.1
SAP adapter 4.6 with SP5

when the idoc was created in sap, the idoc status is shown as 03,but the idoc didn’t reached the webmethods server immediately yet,wait for about 2~3 hours,webmethods received the idoc,it take so long a time,anyone encountered the problem before ?

Status “03” does not imply successful tranmission of IDOC to webMethods. It only indicates, that it has been posted to the Port. However depending on the response and the connection speed and the traffic, will the IDOC actually reach the end-system/middleware.

Hope this helps.


Hi Leo,

It is because of the tRFC Queue in your SAP. Go to SM58 and check for your IDoc. Select the Particular IDoc , right click and select Execute LUW.

This will send the IDoc which is in the tRFC Queue to SAP BC.