SAP gets Access Denied when sending via tRFC to SAP Business Connector

I`ve installed the SAP BC and now i want to set my message store to a MS SQL Server. The jdbc driver works good when testing the database alias from the BC-database-section.
Here i can make the “insert, select etc” with the sql database.
But when sending an IDoc from SAP to the BC nothing appears in the BC. No message is in the database, no transaction is in the “transaction list”, not even an error.
In the SAP (SM58) i get the error “Access Denied”, but no further information.
What can be wrong??? The database alias seems to work…
Please help!!!

Hi, Bernd.

You can get more information about this error in your server logs or from this thread:

    [*][url=""][/url] [/list]


One question : what is the storage type indicated in the page transactions ?

If it’s File system then my question is what is the OS that you are using ??

If it’s UNIX then my question is what is the user that install the SAP BC on the server ?? It should be the root !!!

Another question about the database. Verify the existance of the table WMTRANSACTIONS and WMTRANSACTION_LOG.

I hope it helps !!

I´m getting the access denied problem but the link isn´t available anymore. It links to a 404 Not Found error.

I did 3 things:

  1. I put the SAPUser in the Administrator group
  2. I created a SAPUSER (all uppercase) in the SAPUsers group
  3. I cleaned the DDI-Cache