SAP Business Connector 4.6 --> SAP Adapter disappears whe

I�ve a problem with the SAP Adapter shipped with Business Connector. If i start the Business Connector as Windows NT Service the Adapter is not available anymore. It seems like some classes are not loaded but I�m not sure.
If I start the Business Connector ‘normally’
with “server.bat” or “runserver.bat” on the console, the Adapter is available.

Has anyone made the same experience and solved this issue?

Check Server Startup log for errors.
Check ownership of NT Service
Check file system access rights for NT server owner.

Parvez Purkar

You need to copy “jRFC11.dll”, jRFC12.dll" und “LIBRFC32.dll” from “Server\packages\SAP\code\libs” into “Windows\System32” Directory.