SAP BC Error. Please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Day all,

I have SAP business Connecter I use it to send request from my sap system to bring IDoc from another SAP System. My problem is when I execute the service; somehow the fields in Proxy Server under Secure Proxy (HTTPS) are filled with “null” causing BC to stop sending any other data. SAP BC Server is configured to use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to provide secure communications with the partner. It seems each time I send or receive IDoc to that partner it changes the values of the fields under Secure Proxy to “null”. Each time this happen I have to remove the null manually.
Is this related to Guaranteed Delivery or not?
If not, how can I protect the fields from getting altered??

I’m not really sure on support procedures for SAP BC customers, but an issue that sounds like the one you’re seeing was fixed by a patch for webMethods Integration Server 4.6. I don’t know if this fix is included in a patch for BC, and you don’t mention what version you are using. Details of the fix are below, I presume you should contact your support channels to see if a similar fix exists [or if you can use this one]:

webMethods Integration Server 4.6 Fix 149
This fix addresses the following issue:

The properties that define proxy settings, and, are occasionally set to null, which causes all
outbound http requests to fail.

This happens when context information is retrieved from the
repository and there is no proxy set. With this fix, the proxy
settings are not set to null, so all outbound http requests work
as expected.


can you tell me how to install the sap adapter 6.5 and where download the jco libraries?
thank you