SAP BC 4.7 against a CRM 3.0 - Pub.DB.StartTransaction

Hi !

I am using the SAPBC 4.7 against a SAP CRM 3.0.

My client want to replicate the CRM (Ebpro) catalogue to a web site (B2C) running SQLServer 2000.

My goal is to get the Catalogue in XML (complete and-or partial load) and upload the SQLServer tables.

I am using the Microsoft JDBC driver to do that.

Now my, question :wink:

I am trying to postpone the commit (to the sqlserver database) at the end of my flow service and to do that, I use the Pub.DB.StartTransaction. According to the documentation, this FlowService is supposed to set the autocomit to off, so it (the commit) can be controlled manually.

Here is what happened …The first insert does not show up in the DB (so it seem to be working) … but after the second insert, all subsequent insert are committed … Even it I use the Pub.DB.StartTransaction !!

What am I doing wrong :slight_smile:

Thank in advance!

Hi Ozzy,
could be that you first need to activate the DB connection pooling.
See SAP note 574603 on how to do that.

Regards, Lanzelot