SAP Adapter ver 6.5: Dynamically changing service connection

We are migrating our SAP Adapter from 4.6 to 6.5.

Standard migration script does not seem to work (this was provided with SP1 for SAP Adatper 6.5 !).

So we set out to achieve the daunting task on our own !!
One of the options was the brute force approach where we intended to ‘recreate’ all the RFC/BAPI calls manually. We did set out on this approach.
However, we got stuck with the issue of ‘dynamically’ changing servername at runtime when the adapter service was to be called.
We referred to the SAP AdpaterUsers Guide 6.5 (page 62).The help is very cryptic (or we were dumb not to understand it !)
The documentation says that we can use field called serverName to pass this value dynamically.
We did the following:

  1. Created a test service that calls the Adapter service.
  2. Create a Map step before calling the adapter service. We map the variable serverName to the SAP connection name configured in the SAP Adapter.

On testing the service with different serverName values, we found that the adapter service is being invoked only on the server which was referred during the Adapter Service Creation.

Is there something we are missing !


Be sure you are managing your serverName variable properly.

in 4.6 you use a service called