SAP Adapter v 4.6 and IS 6.1 error in Configuration

We try to configure my SAP Adapter using the Management Tool provided when install de SAP Adapter.

(I use the manual provided with and all step’s indicated in this manual are completed)

The next error appears when I try to “Add SAP Server”

class java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
Message NoClassDefFoundError
Service sap.admin.server:settings

No more configuration was developed after Install the Adapter and the adpter Entry does not appears in the Adapters List of the Inetgration Server

My platform is Solaris

Did you resolve your problem ?
I have the same one …

Hi Karmina, Pierre,

did you update the SAP 4.6 Adapter with SP 5 (and maybe additionally with FP 1)?

Is WmPartners 6.1 installed and activated in the IS?

Maybe you have to check for SAP-Shared Libraries for Solaris, which need to be installled in a special place, where IS can pick them up for LD_LIBRARY_PATH on startup.