SAP Adapter RFC libraries needed

Hi -

I am evaluating the webMethods server, Developer, and SAP adapter on Linux (RedHat 7.2), however, in trying to setup the SAP adapter, it appears that I will be needing the appropriate “RFC
libraries” for the SAP Adapter based on the accompanying instruction text (see below) -

"4.0 Usage notes

  • If you want to use SAP adapter 4.6 on a UNIX platform, you must
    install the SAP adapter. You can obtain the libraries from webMethods
    Customer Support."

The Adapter setup instructions also mentions two additional files need to be copied by doing the following (see below), which I am not sure if they come with the RFC libraries, or need to be downloaded separately:

“-cp Integration
-cp Integration server_directory/packages/SAP/code/libs”

How do I go about getting these two files and also the RFC libraries for the SAP Adapter - I have downloaded and checked through everything else, and have the server and the Developer up and running OK -