SAP adapter Problem

Hii all,

can anyone help me. i install SAP adapter 6.5 then i restart IS. SAP adapter cannot load with error : WmSAP Adapter: Error on creating new Object: [ART.114.3] Adapter Runtime: Unable to get information about adapter type WmSAP. JCO.classInitialize(): Could not load middleware layer ‘’ JCO.nativeInit(): Could not initialize dynamic link library librfc. Found version “640.0.55” but required at least version “640.0.161”. WmSAP Adapter: Error on creating new Object: [ART.118.5042] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to enable connection resource [ART.118.5022] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Cannot create connection Adapter type WmSAP does not exist. java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError


Your SAP JCo files are outdated.
Download version “640.0.161” or newer from SAP Market place.
You would probably have to have a SAP Marketplace account.
If not please ping your SAP Team contact to get the files.
Hope it works out for you.

Hi Saif,

Thank 4 your attention.

i will try to download this version for sapjco.