SAP Adapter Not Loaded

SAP uses native libraries which you should get from webMethods Support or SAP (if not included with the adapter). You need to place these libraries in the <is>/lib folder and the IS will pick them up.


Jordy, thank you for your reply. I found the following note in the SAP BC Installation Guide: “if you get errors while the Server is loading the SAP package, check if the versions of MSVCRT.dll and MSVCP60.dll in C:\WINNT\system32 are older than the ones in <sapbc>\Server\packages\sap\code\libs. If yes, copy the newer ones into C:\WINNT\system32 (using a DOS prompt) and reboot the system. Also check if there are still old versions of these dll’s somewhere on the hard drive: Librfc32.dll, jRFC11.dll, jRFC12.dll.”

I found that there was no MSVCP60.dll in C:\WINNT\system23 so I copied it from <sapbc>\Server\packages\sap\code\libs, along with Librfc32.dll, jRFC11.dll, jRFC12.dll and rebooted the server. Problem solved.

Thanks again.