SAP adapter/listener connection during SAP maintenance window


I’m trying to automate the process of disabling/enabling SAP adapter/listener connections during SAP maintenance window. Every week we do have SAP maintenance window . Prior to start of SAP maintenance we need to disable SAP adapter/listener connection and re-enable them back after SAP maintenance is completed. As we run on Red Hat Linux is there a way we can automate this process at OS? or can we automate this by running wM services? Any ideas on how we can automate this process is really appreciated and will serve as starting point for me.

Thanks in Advance

Hi Victor,

you will have to write some IS Flow Services which can be scheduled afterwards using WmART Built-In-Services.
These services are described in the IS-Built-In-Services Reference Guide.

The main scenario ist to list the affected components (listener and connection nodes), loop over this list, disable them (first listener, then connection).
For enabling use the reverse order (first connection then listener).
This will only work if all nodes of one type (connection or listener) have the same state.
If not, you will be enabling connections or listeners which should remain disabled.

SAP Adapter package can remain enabled all the time.

I dont think, that this can be handled by OS directly.


Hello Holger,

Appreciate your response. I will take a look at these services and get back if I need any additional help here.

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Hi Victor,

you are welcome.