SAP Adapter fixes

We are experiencing the problem of reading the IDOCs from SAP. The IDOCs are drying out slowly. WebMethods identified the problem that there is a deadlock happening between$Server and causing SAP listener to hang. To solve this they are asking us to apply the following fixes: SAP_4-6_SP5_Fix5 & SAP_4-6_SP5_Fix10

I require your inputs on this like, if any body had already applied these fixes, are there any side effects happened to the IS/Portal/Broker. Did these fixes work(if applied)?

Thanks in advance.

What is the date of that fix? I would imagine that most folks here have long since forgotten the details of that specific fix. You can search for the currently available fixes or service packs for any product, module or adapter in the Knowledge Base -> Fixes to Known Issues section of Advantage.