SAP Adapter communication with S/4 HANA

I want to know in case anyone has used SAP adapter to communicate with SAP S/4 HANA on-prem hosted on cloud like (AWS/AZURE).
As per the SAP adapter documentation it seems the usage of SAP adapter is good for

  1. S/4 HANA on-prem
  2. S/4 HANA on-prem hosted on AWS

But did anyone faced any challenges while implementing it?

Also what is the challenge for S/4 HANA on-prem hosted on Azure cloud.


As per my understanding, theoretically it should work on Azure as well.
However since it’s not documented as officially certified to run well in Azure, you’ll get into problem should issue arises when using it in Azure and SAG might not provide the support to it.

It would be best approach to ask whether SAG has certified it and now officially support. If yes, then start to explore that direction.