SAP Adapter - BAPI input parameters

We are running an installation of wM 6.5 with an SAP adapter.
We have configured a BAPI call successfully in the Developer. We are able to see the values the BAPI provides as return values. However, there is no way to send values as input parameters (although the structure of them is properly generated). No error is generated, though.
Moreover, it is possible to test the BAPI itself from the web console (“Lookup”) successfully.
Comparing the trace files, clearly the input parameters of the BAPI are sent in the latter (web console), but not in the former way (Developer).
Has anyone faced this strange behaviour?

We found out that the reason is the fact that the service was generated using a Developer version 6.1. When the BAPI was re-generated using a proper version, the problem disappeared.

As the Developer itself says when started

"You are connected to a newer Server version and will NOT be able to perform the following actions:

  • Configure retries for services
  • Use signature enhancements for adapter elements"