SAP-adapter, BAPI-call - missing output parameter

Hi at all,

we have a selfmade BAPI which should give us some variables back.

If I test this BAPI I get all records I expected.
If I test this BAPI as function call in the lookup of the SAP-adapter it works, too.

But if I use this BAPI as RFC call in the Designer (8.2) or Developer one of the output-variables is missing. That’s the one I need…

There is no error message. The variable is only not displayed in the results.

Have you any idea what this could be and how I can fix it?

WebMethods 8.2

Description webMethods SAP Adapter
Adapter Version
Updates SAP_7.1_Fix5
JCA Spec Version 1.0

JCo Version 3.0.7 (2011-04-20)
JCo Middleware JavaRfc
JCo Middleware Version 2.2.5
JCo Native Library Version 720.88
JCo Native Library Location C:\wm82\prod1\IntegrationServer\lib\sapjco3.dll
IDoc Library Version 3.0.6 (2011-01-28)

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Probably, you would have to clear the cache… Goto IS Admin page > Adapters > SAP > DDIC-Cache. Identify the System Id of that and clear the cache by deleting it… You should be good to go…


Hi Senthil,

thanks for your reply.
That is a point I not think about.

I deleted the cache, but the problem is the same.
The variable (it should be a document list) is missing.

After deleting the cache and retrying the adapter, the cache contains the BAPI with its structures again.
One of the structures contains the output variable I’m searching for…

Okay… When you create the BAPI adapter service in webMethods Developer/Designer, you have to select all the Input/Output variables in one of the tab of that adapter service… Do you see that missing variable listed, and check box is in selected state?


Yes, the Input / Output variables are all selected (Reply Field Selection and Request Field Selection)
In the Input / Output tab are all varibles shown, the missing one, too (is a document list with the wohle structure)

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Hello Heiko
How are you doing?
Did you manage to solve the issue. I am having the same problem in webMethods 9.12.

Could you please guide.

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Hi ,

I am facing a similar issue. While I am invoking the BAPI by providing inputs directly it is giving the proper response. But it is not giving any out put if the same BAPI is run by flow services.
I have cleared the cache and can see the input values are coming to pipeline properly and being mapped .

still no outPut.please let me know if you have faced any similar issue and resolved it.

Hi Bharathi,

I suggest you to use savepipelinetofile and restorepipelinefromfile to file to see the further. Also you can also increase the logging level to TRACE and Log details to 8 to display more details info on the BAPI call to SAP side.

It could be a case that the value that you wish to return is contained in optional documentlist. If that is the case, when you call the BAPI adapter service please initiate an empty documentlist and pass into it. There is clear information in the SAP User Guide that explain this behavior.

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