SAP-Adapter 7.1 Usage with Logon-Group and Listeners being used


anyone has experiences with the following scenario:

SAP Adapter 7.1 on IS 9.5 SP1 with SAP_7.1_Fix14, JCo 3.0.14 and JCo-Idoc 3.0.12 libraries.
Additionally my company has developed a custom SNC library which we are forced to use.

We got a request to login to ASCS-instance of the environment via Logon-Group instead of connecting to central instance using Router-String/ApplicationServer-String and system number as the second will not be supported by SAP in the future.

As we are using AdapterListeners to register ourself as receiver on the gateway service we want to know is this can be combined with the Logon-Group login on the underlying connection pool and if so where to point the Listener to to find the gateway service.

Any informations are welcome as the “Installation and Users Guide” is not clear on this.

I have jiust openend an incident in empower for this.
Let´s see what support team comments on this.



we have had some tests with our partner system and some investigations on the support incident meanwhile.

We came to the following conclusion resp. solution:

  1. Configure the connection to use the logon-group on the message server (ASCS instance)
  2. Configure the listener for the first application server instance by using the gateway and using the connection from step 1 as the repository server.
  3. Reconfigure the Listener upon failure of the application server instance.