SAML authentication scheme in webMethods MWS

Hi All,

We are trying to implement Single Sign-on using SAML where our MWS server is Service Provider and a weblogic server is acting as the Identity provider.

So, ideally, when an unauthenticated user hits the MWS url, he should be redirected to weblogic login page and then back to MWS once authentication is done.

By the looks of it, it seems that MWS supports SAML authentication scheme. But there is not much documentation and we are facing a couple of major issues:

  1. If we set redirection as yes, the request is not getting redirected.
  2. The redirect URL is an outside URL, but looks like MWS only supports its own pages/portlets.

Environment: webMethods 7.1.3

Did you solve the problem yet? We face exactly the same problem with MWS

Environment: webMethods 9.6

any update on this?

even im trying to send SAML token to MWS 9.7 but it gives me exception java.lang.ClassCastException: org.opensaml.saml2.core.impl.ResponseImpl cannot be cast to org.opensaml.saml2.core.Assertion

were you able to resolve this issue? I need some help on this. Thanks