Runtime UserIdPassword substitution for JDBC Connections

We are running on version 6.1 on AIX. Is it possible to substitute the userid and password for a JDBC connection at runtime? The only place that specifies the userid/password for creating the connection is in the setup of the connection setup within the JDBCAdapter.

I would like to use the UserId and Password of the user making the request instead of a generic UserId and Password. Is this possible?

Thanks for the help!



I don’t think this is currently possible, although I haven’t dug into the underlying services to see what could be tweaked. However, on a previous project we had an auditing requirement that we met by allowing the connection to be established using the pre-configured account and then running an Stored Procedure to set the audit data based on the actual user account requesting the connection. This may not work for you if authentication is your primary goal, but it at least allows for an audit trail. HTH.

Sounds like that you will have to write your own implementation of JDBC connection pooling n stuff. (and possibly deploy as a jar - as an option)

And expose them to be called from webM java and flow services.

google on how to implement connection pooling and reuse code.

hope you got my point.