Running Integration Server 4.6 as WinNT Service

I�ve a problem concerning Integration Server 4.6.

I want to install the Integration Server as windows 2000 service. I run the batch file “installSvc.bat” in the directory “\Server\support\win32” as described in the documentation.

After starting the service via the windows service control panel the wrong instance of Integration Server will be started. At this point I�ve to remark that I have running two instances of Integration Server on a single machine. One instance on the default port 5555 an the other instance on port 6666. I want to start the instance on port 6666 via NT Service, but unfortunately the service starts the instance running on port 5555 although I�ve configured the different “B2B_ROOT” in “installSvc.bat”. What�s going wrong. Any help regarding this problem is very much appreciated.


I�ve already solved the problem on my own.
In order to start the correct instance via winnt service you have to change the “PATH-Variable” in the Registry to the installation directory of the instance you want to start as nt service:

(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\BC-Server-4.6)