Running Entreprise adapters on a w2K dual processor machine

Hi Gurus,

Did any one tried to run WebMethods Ereprise adapters (Dbadapters, I/O Adapter, ATC, etc) on a Dual processor machine with WIN 2000.

Does it work? how does it scale? is there a real improvement in performences?

thanks for your feedback.


Yes it works, we’ve tried it on more than one occasion. I haven’t really checked performance as opposed to a single processor machine, so that part of the question I can’t answer.


Thanks for your answer. I have a Dual Processor Machine running W2K Server + SP3. I have installed WebMethods Entreprise Server 5.0 + Entreprise adapters 4.1.1 + Application Transaction Cordinator (ATC 4.1.1) but I can’t manage to make the adapters to work as I am getting an error that kills my adapter configuration window each time I try to configura an adapter. I don’t even have the time to see the error message but it is something like “exception occured in native code JVM…”. It seems that there is a problem with the JVM?
Which version of the JVM you are using?


We’re running both 1.3.1_02 and 1.4 - the Adapter Configuration window sometimes disappears mysteriously - especially in early versions of the JDK - I’ve spoken to some of the webMethods guys, and according to them it’s an error inherent to older versions of Java. You’re not using a P4 by any chance? If so, download the P4 specific adapter stuff.

You need to set JAVA_COMPILER to NONE in your system environment. :slight_smile:

Cheers, …Kevin

No, It is PIII dual processor machine. The point is that, I have installed Entreprise Server that comes with a JVM (I can 2 JVMs installed under Webmethods\EntrepriseServer5\jvm
win.sun122 and win.sun131).

Entreprise Integrator have its JVM as well which is installed under Webmethods\EntrepriseIntegrator\jvm\win.sun130

In addition to that, installing 4.1.1 Adapters, probably installed another JVM under Webmethods\jvm\win.sun13

plus the JVM under Webmethods\Java (1.3.0_02).

I am not really sure about which JVM the adapters use additionally, I would like to use one single JVM to make it easy.