run flow service using scheduler

could anyone please tell me how to run flow service using scheduler,
how to bind xml file to service submitToTn in integretion server for scheduling .
if its possible give me detailed description.
thanks in advance


  1. Open IS page through web browser. http://ipaddress:port
  2. login with your user access details
  3. Left side navigation panel–> select Schedular link
  4. go to create schedular task.
  5. Here you can configure your flow service to run scheduled basis.

hello arulchristhuraj,
thanks for response,i want to know how to bind xml file to service for submitting to tn


in scheduler

It cannot be done using the Admin UI. The scheduler UI in Admin does not allow setting parameters.

You can establish a scheduled task with parameters using services available in the WmPublic package (I think that’s where they are).