Run a flow step as a different user

Is it possible invoke a Flow service as one user, but execute a specific INVOKE within the Flow as another user?

This is necessary to fix a testing service, because of some sort of a security enhancement in Version 8. In IS 6.5, a call to would retrieve any documents, but in version 8 it only retrieves documents submitted by the user executing the flow.

You can probably use one of the Service.doInvoke methods to run a service as a specific user.

Does making the user a TN Administrator help? Would that be an option?

I think Rob’s option could work as well. Some doInvoke methods take a session object as input so you’d have to create that object first.

A few other options (however, unattractive):

  1. Establish a remote alias with the user you want to execute the service as and use WmPublic/pub.remote to execute the service
  2. Execute the service via HTTP using WmPublic/pub.client:http
  3. Do a publishAndWait or deliverAndWait to execute the service via a Broker subscription
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