Rule for KPI not being violated in wm 7.1.2

Hey guys,

I’ve created a model in Designer 7.1.2 and also added a Business KPI for one of the human task steps.

The process model consists of IS service and human steps that use as input and output a document type. When defining the KPI I’ve used a field from the document for the Associated Field value and the Last Value setting for the Agregation Type. Also defined a dimension.

I’ve uploaded the KPI and I can see it from MWS. I’ve created a rule Administration->Analytics->Rules->Create Rule. I’ve added a name and description. In the attributes I’ve chosen Event for the Rule Type.

For the rule expression I’ve chosen Simple Expression. The first operand is a KPI value, I select my project from the Category combo and then the KPI I’ve uploaded. For the Comparator I use Greater Than, leave Number selected and fill in 5000 for the value.

Save everything and can see the rule in the rule list.
I run the process with a value greater than 5000 for the field I’ve chosen in Designer when defining the KPI.

From my understanding the KPI should be triggered since the value I’ve provided in the input document that gets passed from one step to another is larger than 5000. However the rule never gets violated.

Also the rule does not get violated if set the rule type to KPI instead of Event, in the attributes.

Do you have any idea on why the rule doens’t get violated?

I have the latest 7.1.2 release with latest fixes installed.

Many thanks,

Hey Dan,
I m facing the same problem. I could make the rule fire if I set the expression to “not equal to 5000”. But the “>” or “<” is not working.
Did you managed to solve the problem?