RPC error migrating TN data from 6.0.1 to 6.5 with SQL 2005

We are upgrading from IS/TN 6.0.1 using MS SQL server 2000 to IS/TN 6.5 using MS SQL server 2005.

wM tech support have supplied us latest OEM DataDirect JDBC driver to use for TN with SQL server 2005.

We have successfully upgraded dev system and migrated data from TN 6.0.1 format tables to 6.5 format tables.

However, in test we are getting this error running the migratedata_to_tn_6-5.bat file. Error is:

java.sql.SQLException: [wm-cjdbc34-0042][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]The incoming tabular data stream (TDS) remote procedure call (RPC) protocol stream is incorrect. Parameter 4 (""): Data type 0x38 is unknown.

I have started to investigate, and logged an SR with wM tech services, but any ideas are welcome.


I was tempted to pass this off as just a side effect of using sql server on the bottom half of the planet (upside down :wink:), but a few Google searches seemed to indicate that this may be a problem with the DataDirect JDBC driver.

Also, are you using the full version of SQL Server 2005 or the “Express” version?

Seems that folks are having good luck using the open source jTDS driver with SQL Server 2005. Can’t remember off hand whether this is an option for TN.


I believe that is close to the error message you get when you try to connect to 2005 using a driver intended for SQL Server 2000. Could there be something that is still using the old driver?

Instead of using the OEM DataDirect JDBC driver, I downloaded the latest 2005 JDBC driver from Microsoft site and that fixed the 0x38 problem. Now my IS and TN are running well with SQL server 2005. (Well, I still have problem with MWS on SQL 2005 though :frowning: )

Here is the driver link (or just goole it :slight_smile: )

Thanks shuminliu for sharing your resolution.It helps everone using SQLServer2005…