Rosettanet schema PIP implementation

I’m working on a PIP 2A13 which is a schema based PIP.
This PIP has a ebxml BPSS xml file.
How should I use it and what is the significance of BPSS in Rosettanet.

Help is appreciated.


Once you have the PIP 2A13 Schema or xml file just load this in the Developer tool and create a documentType based on this.

I am no sure about BPSS,are you having ebxml and PIP schemas seperately given by rosettanet site?


The new PIP zip file has ebxml bpss file. I wonder how is webmethods going to support ebxml in Roseetanet.
As per my understanding seems like Rosettanet aims more on process automation so using ebxml.
But no idea how to use this and where. There isnt ant CPP or CPA as per ebxml standard in Rosettanet recommendation.



Sorry i am not sure about ebxml Bpss file in Rosettanet implementation.let this forum know if you have found any resolution.


Hi, i am very new to Rosettanet implementation.Can any body give me brief on the same and suggest me the url for more understanding, how it can be implemented in wM projects?