Rosettanet PIP Process

When we use BPM Rosettanet PIP Process does it creates basic module in webMethods? (When to use PM Rosettanet PIP Process and when work without use of BPM).

My understanding is that by using BPM RosettaNet PIP process, by default it creates some models in Integration layer using that packege when we import PIP process into integration layer. Is it true?

I am quite new to Rosettanet PIP Process, it would also be a goiod help if someone can point me to any good development guideline documents.

Not sure, what you meant to say by “import PIP process into integration layer” but if you are saying importing .par files or zip to create PIP documents which you will get from rosettanet site, it doesn’t create any default process…

You can download the sample models (3A4 single action/double action) which has models as well as sample code … available on advantage.