Rosettanet errors occur when sending Receipt ACK


Rosettanet errors occur when sending Receipt ACK as below,

com.wm.lang.flow.FlowException: Error trapped in service: wm.ip.rnif20.trp:trpPackage Error: Error: Error while executing service wm.ip.rnif20.util:createMimeMessage [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] [ESRN20.000000.000002] Error Message: rnif20.trp:createMimeData(): Private key not found to sign document. Suggested Action: Level: Level: Service Call Stack: at wm.ip.rnif20.util.createMimeMessage( at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor78.invoke(Unknown Source) at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source) at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Unknown Source) at at at at at at at at

Could you help me ?Thanks


The error indicates that the server is unable to locate your private key for signing the Receipt Ack. Make sure that you have correctly specified the location of your server’s private key on the IS Admin under the Certificates page.

  • Open the IS Admin page
  • Click on ‘Certificates’ under ‘Security’
  • Make sure that the value for ‘Servers Private Key’ path under the is actually the location where your private key resides.

HTH, Rohit