Rosettanet Error - listNSFolderNames: nsFolder does not exist

Referring to old error post at

Questions / Clarifications :

  1. I tried 9.12 IS with RN 7.1 SP2 with all latest fix and it also has similar issue - Any solution ?
  2. Why the documentations of RN 7.1 SP2 still have 6.0 documentations inside the packages\WmPIPTools\pub\doc folder ?
  3. I feel SAG documentations on how to implement and use RN are not very clear for a developer to begin with - Agree ?
  4. Are the sample built-in process models shipped under packages\WmRosettaNet\ProcessModels folder follow the BPMN2.0 standards/notations?
  5. Is there a version compatibility matrix for IS vs RN with patch and fix levels
  6. Where to download the .par file from ? … I can see only .zip files getting downloaded from rosettanet site - So , have they stopped since its a old style and started giving only Specifications in the form of xsd/dtd ?

Below could be a bit of some help …

There is a Readme inside with steps …