RN Object not created

Hi all,

When i try to submit a rosettanet PIP document using the processDocument service, i could see only text/xml contents in the delivered document content…The RN object is not created…I’m using WM 601 and RNIF 1.1

Help please!


Try using the (wm.ip.rn/receive) gateway Service (located in the WmRosettanet package)for posting an RNO to B2B/TN.


Dear RMG,

You mean setting up the URL in the delivery method…?If so that is already as wm.ip.rn/receive only…Please explain me if you mean something else…


I mean in your custom flow,invoke the wm.ip.rn/receive service directly for submitting RNO to TN.

And Which processDocument Service are you invoking…Is that the one located in WmIPRoot package?? If so please make sure that you are sending required inputs.


Dear RMG,

Ya,I’m using wm.ip.cm:processDocument service only and i have set the input(PIP document structure) also…

And wm.ip.rn/receive which has only Protocal info as input param…How this service can be called and how can i give my document as input to this service…

It will be really helpful for me if you can give me step by step by procedure…

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Can you please elaborate more about the inputs provding to the
wm.ip.cm:processDocument service which will publish the RNO to TN.

Please make sure that these are the inputs,you have to specify for the processDocument service:

map input/cid (corresponding conversationID),
map input/PIP Document (3A4 or 4C1 or 0A1),
Set input/ReEnter=false.

And also if possobile ,can you tell about your webmethods-Rosettanet TN/setup/configuration/Conversationscripts…just wanted to trace indepth if this relates to configuration problem.

And Which PIP document/messagetype are you trying to send?

Sorry, the wm.ip.rn/receive is only used as the gateway service via delivery method (Inbound).


I am reading the wM TN User’s Guide version 6.1. On page 277 there is a suggestion to use the wm.tn.rec:GatewayService specification.
I do not see such a spec. Is it in a different package? (I looked through all the TN related packages). Does it have a different name?

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Hello.Recently I am developing 3c3 ,but I don’t know how to generate RNO,could you help me ?