RN Fields mapping refernce issue

Hi All,

I am new to RN implementation, i got a strange issue while mapping the fields. For eg: if i take map the feild from Pip3B2AdvanceShipmentNotification/fromRole/PartnerRoleDescription/PartnerDescription/BusinessDescription/GlobalBusinessIdentifier and do save, the field is mapping from Pip3B2AdvanceShipmentNotification/AdvancedShipmentNotification/BuyingPartner/purchasedBy/PartnerDescription/BusinessDescription/GlobalBusinessIdentifier field. Currently i took a temp doc like temp_fromRole and mapped the entire document to this before mapping the required fields from fromRole document.
Could any one help me out from this problem

And i am using the below fixes in our 7.1.3 environment.


Thanks fro you help.


This is hapng even without saving the file, and only for RN structure.

The issue is with 7.1.3 developer client, seems we need a fix for this. when we open 7.1.3 server via 7.1.1 devloper client we dont see this issue.

Did you install fresh 7.1.3 or upgraded from 7.1.X (older releaeses) if yes than make sure… you installed all the fixes available for developer with all its dependent fixes.


This issue haunts us back in 8.2 version too also checked with 9.5 client and its the same … only when we use 7.1.1 client it works seamless…

Shall keep you posted on the Fixes that we need to install for 7.1.3 and 8.2.