RN documents are not being sent to Trading Partner after ren

Model sends RosettaNet document using TN to partner. The used developed service calls wm.ip.cm.handlers:send. There is no error in the Error logs, so send seems to work fine, However TN console Transaction Analysis shows that document type is unknown, the content pane service content is empty and the activity log shows the followoing message: ‘Document persisted’.

Intially it was working fine. After some time i renamed the document name. It was Pip3B2AdvanceShipmentNotice and renamed as Pip3B2AdanceShipmentNotification.

Note : I am not using Pip3B2AdavanceShipmentNotice anywhere in the model and services…


Try adding all the custom document attributes which were given in the service while routing to TN.

You cannot change the name of the document because the RosettaNet document recognition engine reads the root node of the payload and searches for the coresponding document name in the WmRNPips package. By renaming the document, now the Recognition engine does not find the document corresponding to the payload root node and hence fails recognition and processing.
Hope this helps!